Qualifying Impairments for Social Security Disability in Madison

Man uncertain if he will qualify for SSDI in Madison, WI
Do Your Health Problems Qualify You for Disability Benefits?

You can’t work anymore because your health has gotten worse. You’re facing personal and financial hardship. Social Security Disability benefits might be just what you need to get through this difficult time.

Many different physical and mental health conditions can qualify you for benefits. The main qualification is that your health problems, whatever they are, prevent you from working.

At the Becker Law Office, we’ve seen people win disability benefits with all of these impairments and more:

The lawyers at the Becker Law Office have helped thousands of people in Wisconsin win appeals for Social Security Disability benefits with all kinds of medical conditions.

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What Do I Need to Prove a Disability to Social Security?

Social Security officially lists medical conditions that qualify for disability benefits under more than a dozen different categories. But no matter your impairment, the key to winning benefits is proving that your health problems are severe enough to make working impossible.

You must show:

  • You can’t do your past work because of your health problems.
  • Your medical conditions also prevent you from switching to a different line of work.
  • Your health limitations will last at least 12 months or lead to death.

One of the most important things you can do for your disability claim is to keep up with regular medical appointments addressing the particular impairments that are stopping you from working.

Going to the doctor creates the documentation you need to prove to Social Security that you should get benefits.

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Resident uncertain if he will qualify for SSDI in Madison, WI
What Should I Do If I’m Denied?

It’s disheartening to get denied Social Security Disability benefits, especially when you were counting on those monthly checks to stay afloat.

But the fact is, most people get denied benefits when they first apply. You still could win benefits if you appeal.

The appeals process is complicated, but the attorneys at the Becker Law Office focus entirely on appeals. We understand the system, so you don’t have to worry about it. We make it our goal to turn your denial into an approval.

The government even reports that people with a representative like a lawyer have greater success at winning benefits.

One of the most important steps in appealing is attending a hearing where you explain to an administrative law judge why you need benefits. A government study found people with representatives were almost three times more likely to get approved for benefits than people going into their hearing alone.

Different medical impairments come with different challenges for proving a disability to Social Security. At the Becker Law Office, we know how to handle all the issues that can come up.

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