How Does a Madison Disability Lawyer Get Paid?

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Get a Lawyer Without Worrying About Cost

You applied for Social Security Disability benefits, but they sent you a denial.

Friends and family say you should get a lawyer and appeal.

But you already can’t work because of bad health. How are you supposed to pay for a lawyer?

At Becker Law Office, we understand your concern. And we know the frustration you’re going through after being denied the disability benefits you need to get your life back on track.

We have good news: You can start working with a lawyer without paying anything.

Keep reading to find out how it works.

If you’d like to discuss the details of how you pay for your disability appeal in person, contact us today.

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Why You Pay Nothing Upfront

When you aren’t bringing in a regular paycheck because health problems make it impossible to work, paying expensive attorney fees seems out of the question.

You may be struggling to cover basic expenses like food, housing and transportation, much less worrying about getting a lawyer.

So it’s important to understand this: The only time you pay a fee is after you win benefits.

We start out by working for you for free, so you don’t have to empty your life savings or max out your credit cards paying a lawyer retainer fee.

Why not call us for help?

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How We Get Paid When You Win Benefits

If we win Social Security Disability benefits for you, we get paid according to a fee agreement approved by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

This is how it works:

  • Our payment comes from the past due benefits the SSA owes you. Usually, you’ve been waiting a while by the time you win benefits. Social Security pays you for that time, going back to the date you first reported that health problems forced you from work. Paying for your lawyer out of this past due money means that when you start getting monthly disability checks going forward — nothing will be deducted for the cost of your lawyer.
  • And there are limits on how much of your back benefits we can collect in a fee. It’s capped at 25% of your past due benefits up to a maximum of $7,200.

If, after exhausting all the appeals steps, you’re denied by Social Security again, you still don’t owe us a fee. The only thing you might have to pay are reimbursements for the costs of obtaining medical records.

Before you start working with us, you can also get us to review your situation for free.

Get a free case evaluation.

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Don’t Take Any Chances With Your Appeal

Social Security’s own numbers have shown your chances of winning benefits are better with a professional representative.

And because you don’t pay any attorney fee upfront, you’ve got nothing to lose — literally — by working with the experienced lawyers at Becker Law Office.

Don’t wait. If you’ve been denied SSD benefits, you have a limited amount time to file your appeal.

Call Us.

Get your free consultation from one of our Social Security Disability attorneys.


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