Does Back Pain Qualify for Disability in Wisconsin?

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A back injury can make life excruciating.

It influences every movement you make, from exercising to the simplest of tasks. It’s gotten bad enough to make working impossible.

Which means you need Social Security Disability benefits. The monthly checks can be a financial lifesaver when your health forces you out of a job.

But you worry: does back pain even qualify for Social Security Disability?

It must fit certain criteria, but yes, back pain can qualify you for benefits.

Winning is hard, though. Most applicants are denied on their first try.

That’s why you need an experienced disability attorney on your side. At the Becker Law Office, we’re proud to help our neighbors in Madison, Wassau and all over Wisconsin win the benefits they need to move forward.

Let us handle the legal work. You focus on your health.

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Common Types of Back Pain that Qualify for Disability in WI

The term “back pain” can represent a wide range of physical ailments.

While Social Security doesn’t have a specific list of what can qualify or disqualify you from benefits, it does recognize some specific problems, including:

  • Herniated (slipped or prolapsed) disc
  • Degenerative arthritis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Fractured vertebrae

Even if your health issue doesn’t exactly fit those terms, you could still qualify. What you have to prove:

  • Your back pain makes working impossible.
  • You can’t switch to another line of work.
  • Your health will force you to miss at least a year or more of work.

We know this can be a confusing, frustrating time. Let us help you get through it.

We’ll even evaluate your case for free.

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Don’t Take a Chance When it Comes to Your Future

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed.

You want to provide for you and your family, but you can’t. Unfortunately, your bills don’t have any sympathy for you.

So you add financial stress to your back problems. Every step in this complicated process can feel pressurized. It’s hard to function when you think a single mistake can ruin your future.

If you’ve been denied benefits, hope is not lost. At the Becker Law Office, Social Security Disability Law Is All We Do.

The appeals process has multiple steps, and you can win benefits at any juncture. Your best chance is at a hearing with an administrative law judge (ALJ), which is the only time your case will be heard in person.

In fact, a Government Accountability Office study showed that you’re three times as likely to win benefits at a hearing when you hire representation.

We can handle the rules, regulations, paperwork and process for you. You focus on feeling your best.

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