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What Happens if an Administrative Law Judge Denies Your Case

If you were represented by Becker Law Office at your hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and your case was still denied, we can appeal your claim to the Appeals Council.

Like a request for reconsideration, an appeal to the Appeals Council is a paperwork appeal. You don’t have to appear before anyone. This appeal is sent to the Appeals Council in Falls Church, Virginia.

For this appeal, no new testimony or evidence is required. It requires writing a brief argument describing what the problem was at the hearing and why the ALJ was wrong to deny you.

Without a lawyer at this stage in the appeals process, you’re rolling the dice. You need someone who can make a technical and legal argument as to why the ALJ was incorrect. At this stage, it isn’t about whether the evidence supports your case – it’s about if a legal mistake was made at your hearing. You’re strongly advised to have a lawyer helping you at this stage of the appeals process.

The disability attorneys at Becker Law Office have years of experience successfully appealing to the Appeals Council. If you had your claim denied by an ALJ and were represented by our attorneys at your hearing, call our office right away so we can move forward with the next stage in the appeals process.

Don’t roll the dice, let our attorneys help you. Contact us now.

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