Denied by Cigna
Long-Term Disability Insurance
in Wisconsin

End the Frustration. Get Financial Relief You Deserve

While you worked, you didn’t worry much about your long-term disability insurance through Cigna.

Your employer offered it, or you bought it yourself and didn’t give it a second thought. Then a major health crisis struck, and you filed a claim only to have Cigna reject you, leaving you with medical bills and without income assistance.

Maybe they denied your long-term disability claim outright or suddenly rolled back your benefits. Either way, you don’t have to take their decision lying down. You can appeal.

Like most major carriers, Cigna uses tested tactics to avoid payouts and keep profits humming. Having a skilled long-term disability lawyer at your side can be the difference between getting the financial relief you deserve or being left behind.

The Wisconsin lawyers at the Becker Law Office and Hawks Quindel know the drill. They can review your case, help you gather documents, and make the right moves to overturn your denial. They know state and federal insurance law inside and out—an advantage for you when you’re up against a company as big as Cigna.

If Cigna unfairly denies your claim, we’ll fight to get it approved and put you on a path to protecting financial stability for you and your family.

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How Does Cigna Deny Long-Term Disability Claims?

Based in Connecticut, Cigna is a major player in the American health insurance industry, reporting that it provides insurance plans of multiple types to millions of people, which includes many people in Wisconsin.

They have a well-orchestrated system to manage that volume of customers. Not only do they have teams skilled at finding ways to undermine claims, they’ve been discovered using an algorithm to reject some kinds of claims.

Cigna relies on tactics most large insurance companies use. These include:

  • Nitpicking your medical records
  • Finding injuries or conditions that they think could be covered by someone else
  • Claiming you missed deadlines or didn’t answer questions properly

Investigative news reporting even found that Cigna uses an impersonal computer algorithm to automatically flag certain health insurance cases for rejection.

You have to be on the lookout for these behaviors. But this can leave you confounded at an especially difficult time in your life.

At the Becker Law Office and Hawks Quindel, we know how to go toe-to-toe with their legal team. Our long-term disability attorneys have helped Wisconsites reverse Cigna’s decisions and get the benefits they deserve.

Let us help you gain some peace of mind and put your feet on solid ground. We will give your case a preliminary review at no charge.

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How To Appeal a Cigna Denial of Your Long-Term Disability Claim

Cigna may immediately deny your claim, or after a certain period ratchet back the long-term disability benefits that have kept your financial life afloat as you focused on your health.

Our team of skilled long-term disability lawyers has a track record of undoing denials or terminations of benefits.

The first step to an appeal is getting into the right mindset. You have to be relentless. Take a good look at your denial letter so you know just what Cigna is doing to jeopardize your benefits.

You may find that Cigna raised the bar for eligibility, changing it from your inability to do your “own job”—which is how you won benefits in the first place—to questioning whether you can do “any job.” This tactic often leads to terminated benefits.

Now it’s time to go to work. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to go over your situation with a clear eye for the arguments Cigna is using against you. You’ll also likely need to collect your medical records and go through them again.

This prep work can be overwhelming, and is even more frustrating because you thought you did it correctly the first time.

You don’t have to do the heavy lifting by yourself. The disability lawyers at the Becker Law Office and Hawks Quindel have gone through this process thousands of times.

We’ll be by your side through the journey. Let’s right this wrong and get you back to focusing on your health and happiness.

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