When to Get a Disability Benefits Attorney in Wisconsin

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Having an Experienced Wisconsin Disability Attorney on Your Side Can Increase Your Chances on Appeal

When you filled out and submitted your application for Social Security Disability benefits, you hoped it would be a smooth process.

You believed your condition, forcing you to stop working, made you eligible. You thought you attached everything they asked for. You knew for sure that the monthly income would change your life, renewing your sense of peace.

Then you got Social Security’s denial letter.

If Social Security rejected your application, you have the right to appeal their decision and get another chance at winning benefits. The problem is that appeals require more evidence than you initially submitted, and the process is much more complex.

When should you bring in a disability attorney?

As soon as you can. Appeals have deadlines, and a lawyer who deals with this all the time can keep your claim on track.

You might have applied on your own, but you don’t have to keep going it alone. And you shouldn’t. An experienced disability lawyer can give you much better odds of success.

The way disability lawyers work, you pay no fee until you win benefits.

The Becker Law Office has helped thousands of people in Wisconsin gain benefits and regain their independence.

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What Should You Do After You Get Your Disability Benefits Denial?

NOTICE: You Must File an Appeal Within 60 Days of Receiving a Disability Benefits Denial.

The moment you have Social Security’s denial letter in your hands, the clock starts ticking. It’s important to get a disability lawyer working on your appeal right away, so they can learn about your situation and file your appeal and all related paperwork in time.

Then you will get four potential new chances to win benefits:

At every step, you must file your request for the next level of appeal in writing within 60 days from the date of the last notice of denial.

And at every step, a lawyer by your side makes the process easier.

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Top 5 Reasons to Work with a Disability Attorney for Your Benefits Appeal

Disability lawyers work with the Social Security Disability benefits system every day. They know how the appeals process works, what Social Security is looking for, and how to help you get benefits that let you move forward to a new chapter in your life.

Here’s what disability attorneys bring to you:

  • Experience. You’re probably not familiar with the Social Security Disability process, but your disability attorney knows it inside out.
  • Documentation. Your attorney can help you pull together the evidence needed for an appeal. They relieve you of all the legwork.
  • Preparation. If you testify in front of an administrative law judge, your attorney makes sure you’re fully prepared and feeling confident when you go in.
  • Legal knowledge An attorney knows how to build a legal argument, cross-examine experts who testify about you and analyze decisions from the judge or other officials to find legal errors—reasons to overturn a denial and award you benefits.
  • Higher odds of success Your chance of successfully winning on appeal can be higher if you have a disability appeals lawyer on your side.

If you’ve been denied benefits that could help you cover your expenses and improve your life, get in touch with a disability lawyer.

Because you pay no fee until you win, there is little risk to you, but much to gain from a better outcome of your case.

Don’t delay.

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