How to Fight a
Hartford Long-Term Disability
Insurance Denial in Wisconsin

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You worked hard and took precautions to protect your livelihood by getting a long-term disability insurance policy from The Hartford through your employer, or buying coverage on your own.

When a health crisis threatened your career, you filed a claim for the benefits you counted on to keep you and your family afloat—only to be denied or to have your benefits curtailed unexpectedly.

You don’t have to give up. You can appeal the insurance company’s decision. Having a skilled long-term disability lawyer can be a game changer when you’re scuffling with an uncooperative insurer.

Long-term disability is a highly specific, complex area of law. The Wisconsin lawyers at the Becker Law Office and Hawks Quindel are highly experienced in this area, including how The Hartford operates and what you can do to respond.

Your lawyer can review your insurance documents to make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to receive. They can hold the insurance company to the rules governing your policy in federal or state laws.

We’ve helped thousands of people in Wisconsin over many decades.

Get the support you deserve to turn a long-term disability denial and the financial stress that goes with it into an approval, a sense of relief and a path forward.

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How Does The Hartford Deny Long-Term Disability Insurance Claims?

The Hartford, based in Connecticut, is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. Many people and companies in Wisconsin use it for long-term disability insurance.

With so many customers, it has an extensive team that can look for ways to keep payouts low and profits up.

Some of the tactics it deploys are common in the insurance industry:

  • Questioning every aspect of your medical records
  • Pointing out imperfections in your insurance claim
  • Even appearing to cooperate, only to later say you failed to follow its process by missing deadlines or not answering questions properly

These setbacks can be devastating, especially when you’re understandably distracted by your health concerns.

You don’t have to take on a big company like The Hartford alone. They will have their lawyers, but you can counter that with representation of your own.

The lawyers at the Becker Law Office and Hawks Quindel are skilled at dealing with The Hartford and its strategies for denying claims.

We’ve seen people win the benefits they deserve when they appeal their denials of long-term disability benefits.

Let us help you get back on sound financial ground. We can take a first look at your case without you paying a dime.

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How Do I Appeal a Long-Term Disability Denial from The Hartford?

Like most long-term disability insurance companies, The Hartford may deny your claim at the outset, or it may cancel your benefits after some time. Neither scenario has to spell the end of your pursuit of financial stability.

Our long-term disability attorneys have helped people just like you in Wisconsin beat denied claims or protect benefits they were already receiving.

To fight an initial denial, first you should carefully read your denial letter to understand what the insurance company is using to reject you.

From there, you need to gather strong medical evidence to refute the company’s arguments. Schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor and get a new report on your health that disproves The Hartford’s reasons for denying your claim.

Insurance companies like The Hartford also have clauses in their policies that set the stage for ending benefits for their customers.

You may have won your initial claim by showing you can no longer perform your “own job.” But after a couple years, insurance companies often require you to prove that you can’t do “any job.”

This tactic leads to terminations of benefits.

You’ll again need to demonstrate how your condition still seriously hinders your ability to work.

Collecting all the necessary evidence is complicated and time-consuming. It’s added stress on top of the pressure you feel from a difficult medical diagnosis.

The lawyers at Becker Law Office and Hawks Quindel understand what you’re going through. We’ve been through this process with thousands of people in Wisconsin.

We’ll be at your side every step of the way to reverse a wrong and get you back to taking care of yourself in peace and focusing on living your fullest life.

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