Why Work with Becker on Your Disability Benefits Claim?

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    Disability Benefits Would Make a Difference in Your Life

    You can’t work anymore because your health has gotten worse. You’re facing personal and financial hardship. Social Security Disability benefits might be just what you need to get through this difficult time.

    But winning benefits is hard.

    Most people get denied and need to appeal the decision.

    That’s where the Becker Disability Law Office comes in. We focus entirely on Social Security Disability appeals. We’ve turned thousands of disability denials into approvals all across Wisconsin.

    We take care of navigating the system so you can focus on your health—and getting back to your life.

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    Why You Should Work with the Becker Disability Law Office

    Choosing a lawyer is a complicated, personal decision. If Social Security Disability benefits are what you need, here’s why you should work with Becker:

    • Disability law is all we do. Some law firms take many kinds of cases. But Social Security Disability has its own separate legal system, including its own regulations, courts, and administrative law judges. You want a lawyer who knows this system inside and out. The Becker Disability Law Office focuses on disability cases—and only disability cases.
    • Appeals are complicated. When you’re denied benefits and need to appeal the decision, the Social Security Disability system becomes much more complicated. You need to submit new evidence, build strong arguments for why you deserve benefits, and possibly testify before a judge. The Becker Law Office focuses entirely on appeals and knows what you need to succeed.
    • Don’t face a judge alone. At some law firms, you might not even see your attorney until the day of your disability hearing with a judge. That’s not how we do it. The lawyers at Becker Law help you prepare in advance so you can feel confident and comfortable on your hearing day.
    • Proven experience. Your future’s at stake. Don’t take any chances with your disability benefits. Get help from someone with a proven record. Becker Law has helped more than 10,000 people in Wisconsin to appeal for disability benefits.

    You don’t have to pay anything to get the Becker Law Office to evaluate your case.

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    Hear From A Becker Disability Law Office Client:

    I want to thank you for your help and support with my Social Security case. I appreciate what you have done to help me out. I hope you know you make such a big impact on people’s lives daily. I just wanted to thank you personally for all you do to help people in such a difficult time in their life.


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