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Our Goal is to Turn Your Social Security Disability Denial Into an Approval

If you were denied disability benefits, we can help you with your appeal at:

  • Reconsideration
  • An Administrative Law Judge Hearing
  • The Appeals Council

If you were denied disability benefits and can’t work, you may worry about:

  • Putting food on the table
  • Keeping a roof over your head
  • Paying medical bills that are piling up
  • Exhausting your savings

But at Becker Law Office, we want to help you get the Social Security Disability benefits you need and deserve. If you were denied, call us right away.


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If You Need to Appeal, Call the Disability Legal Team at Becker Law Office

If your health problems make it impossible for you to work or if you have a loved one in desperate need of disability benefits, you’re probably stressed and not sure where to turn. Social Security Disability may be an option.

When you worked, you paid into the Social Security Disability system, but now that you can’t work, you decided to apply for benefits – only to receive a denial letter.


We’ll fight the government to prove they were wrong to deny you benefits. You should be focused on taking care of your health – it’s our job to focus on winning your disability appeal.

If you can no longer work because your health makes it too hard and you were denied disability benefits, call us. We’ll start you off with a free consultation to discuss your case.


At Becker Law Office, Social Security Disability appeals are all we do.


Thank you for helping me secure my SSI. I couldn’t have done it without you guys – you are my hero, Don. You’re the best and your positive attitude means a lot.

- Bonnie

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