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It can be gutting to receive a denial from Social Security Disability. Your doctor said you can’t work, so why doesn’t the government agree?

It’s understandable to feel hopeless at a time like this. In a perfect world, you’d still be working and providing for yourself and your family. Your health took that away from you, but the bills keep coming.

It’s why you need Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. The monthly checks can save you from financial ruin in a time of worry.

If you’ve been denied, don’t give up hope.

The experienced disability lawyers at the Becker Law Office can guide you through the multiple steps of winning your benefits on appeal.

We’re proud to represent our neighbors in Wisconsin in such a tough time. Our Wausau office is available by appointment and serves all of these cities:

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What You Need to Prove to Win Social Security Disability Benefits in Wisconsin

At our law firm, we see people denied all the time for small errors on their applications. Sometimes, your doctor’s definition of “disabled” doesn’t align with Social Security’s. Even small clerical errors can get your case tossed out.

In order to win benefits, you need to prove the following:

  • Your disability leaves you unable to continue in your job
  • You can’t switch to another line of work, either
  • Your health will force you out of work for at least a year

The Social Security Administration (SSA) operates its own legal system for deciding who gets SSD income. It can be complex and confusing to newcomers. Our attorneys have more than 40 years of experience with this system and know how to give you the best chance of winning benefits.

In fact, a Government Accountability Office study found that you’re three times as likely to win your appeal at a hearing if you hire representation.

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Gathering evidence to qualify for benefits can be dizzying enough on its own, much less when you’re dealing with serious health issues.

Medical records, testimonials, hospital reports and more have to be organized and clear. You have to file multiple forms and fill them out correctly.

And you can feel the financial pressure mounting as you do. It feels like everything hinges on this.

Let our experienced staff help you through this process. You focus on your health while we take the burden off your shoulders.

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